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Click here to get advice from some legendary investors.
Click here to get advice from some legendary investors.


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Most money managers don't match the long-term performance of the stock market averages.  OID and have a single mission – to bring you the most important ideas and insights of those select few money managers with the very best long-term records around.  We seek to provide subscribers with a clear window onto their personalities, investment philosophies, strategies, and approaches by bringing you exclusive conversations, in-depth interviews, and substantive excerpts from their most recent communications and research packed with their latest perspectives, insights, and activities.




Current Edition:

Volume XXV Numbers 1 & 2 May 25, 2012

A Tribute to My Father, Walter Schloss by Edwin Schloss

Before we bring you Edwin's eulogy to his father, let us mention that we were deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our long-time friend and valued contributor, Walter Schloss, on February 19th at the age of 95. He and his son Edwin quietly put together one of the most amazing long-term investment track records we've ever seen. And they did it in a manner uniquely their own – operating from a small room which looked to have been designed as a closet in fellow Super Investor Tweedy Browne's offices with a single phone that rarely rang and an old manual typewriter which you were always reminded they were using whenever you had the pleasure of receiving their correspondence. The day after Pearl Harbor, at the age of 25, Walter volunteered…

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Longleaf Partners Funds' Mason Hawkins, Staley Cates, et al.
"The Opportunity Today Is Compelling.…"

Despite trailing the S&P 500 and the average fund in its category by more than 3-1/2% and 2-1/2%, respectively, over the past five years, Longleaf Partners Fund has outperformed both over the past 15-years by about 2%. And the last two times they suffered similar performance woes, they delivered seriously outsized returns subsequently – outperforming the S&P 500 by 60% and 30%, respectively. Based on what we know about their people, their process, and their holdings, we'll bet on history repeating. And they're betting the same way – since Longleaf employees and directors are well known for eating their own cooking to a degree that's matched by very few other fund families. The following excerpts were selected from comments…

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Morris Snyder Management's Nick Snyder
"It's One of the Best Buying Opportunities in Any Stock I've Ever Seen."

When a close friend who we highly respect sent us an intriguing write-up Nick Snyder had prepared and gave him his highest recommendation, we contacted him intending to simply see if we could get his permission to share it with you and have him clarify and possibly elaborate on a few things within it. Little did we know that it would be the first step in a fascinating 200+ page adventure which really didn't end so much as force us to choose an ending point. But I suppose we should start at the beginning... From the time we were introduced to Chesapeake Energy by our friends at Southeastern Asset Management/Longleaf Funds, we were intrigued and immediate resolved to learn more about it. So when we saw Nick's write-up and got some sense of his …

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Chesapeake Energy's Aubrey McClendon…
"…People Will Be Astounded."

Love him or hate him, it's hard to argue with Chesapeake Energy cofounder Aubrey McClendon's success. As recently as May of last year, he was named to Forbes' CEO 20-20 Club – "a prestigious group of eight American chief executives who have a minimum of 20 years of service as CEO and produced at least 20% annual returns to shareholders during their tenure". And few would debate the fact that he's saved the company and its shareholders from mediocrity, if not oblivion, at least once during the last seven or eight years and appears to be in the process of doing it again. Meanwhile, he's led a revolution in accessing energy from shale that's reduced U.S. reliance on energy from less reliable, often unfriendly sources, dramatically lo…

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MASON HAWKINS, SOUTHEASTERN ASSET MGM'T  "[W]e think that it's fairly clear that the best energy source today for this country is natural gas. It will get us through the thick and the thin as a country. It will reduce our imports of very expensive and high cost oil. It will improve our balance of trade. It['s] a cleaner fuel than coal and oil. It's far and away cheaper – 1/8th the cost of oil on a BTU basis. It will be used in places you would not expect – compressed natural gas [CNG] in cars, liquefied natural gas [LNG] in long haul trucking, it will be more and more used for electric generation and for electric vehicles, and it will be exported. So the supply and demand curves for natural gas will cross at a price [which i…

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May 25, 2012 OID Edition

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